Time Matters: CloudEndure DR Solution Cuts ClickSoftware’s RPO From 24 Hours to “Last Transaction”

  • Disaster Recovery


ClickSoftware had long relied on a homemade disaster recovery (DR) solution but it was becoming clear the company needed an enterprise-grade DR strategy to keep pace with rapid business growth. With its customer base expanding, the company could no longer afford to risk a day’s worth of data by relying on snapshots to back up information. ClickSoftware chose Amazon Web Services (AWS) as their DR site and CloudEndure’s cloud DR Solution as their DR tool, recognizing its strengths, which include Continuous Data Protection (CDP) and up-to-the-minute data restoration. Now, ClickSoftware can ensure its growing customer base that their critical business data is always available with CloudEndure.


Founded in 1996, ClickSoftware Technologies, as the company is formally known, offers automated mobile workforce management and service optimization solutions that let companies easily schedule and dispatch field service employees. Its solutions enhance business practices and put more time back into managers’ workdays. ClickSoftware works with small and mid-sized businesses in the communications, home services, retail, insurance, public safety and security industries, among others. Its customers include Best Buy, HP, Liberty Mutual and Diebold.

The Challenge

In 2011, ClickSoftware made a fundamental shift in its business model: It began moving away from on-premise solutions to selling its products as SaaS offerings. But as this transformation took place, ClickSoftware still relied on its homemade DR solution. It initially served the company well, but with ClickSoftware’s customer base expanding and the amount of data those clients enter into the company’s solutions increasing, a new DR strategy was needed.

For one, the old way required a cumbersome combination of snapshots and data logs. The ops team had to take snapshots throughout the day to ensure business continuity, but with a steady and heavy data stream, the end snapshot was outdated at just about the moment it was completed. It was also time-consuming for IT to stay on top of log files and continuously record the type, time and name of data transactions.

The shortcomings of this labor-intensive daily routine paled in comparison to the potential loss from downtime. Downtime events would result in the loss of as much as a day’s worth of data. DR based on snapshots and log files simply wasn’t fast enough to keep up.

The Solution

ClickSoftware’s ops team knew exactly what the company needed after experiencing too many setbacks with its own DR solution. The company wanted to use the AWS cloud as its DR infrastructure, and a system integrator that was familiar with ClickSoftware’s data processes recommended CloudEndure for its enterprise-grade DR solution that was easy to integrate into AWS.

It didn’t take long for ClickSoftware to see the value in CloudEndure’s continuous replication to the cloud, an easy process that took less than five minutes to start and created an exact replica of a company’s entire workload or application, whether it was on-site, in the cloud or both. “The thing that brought us to CloudEndure’s solution was continuous replication,” said Igal Korach, Director of Cloud Operations at ClickSoftware. “That gave us a DR solution with minimal data loss.”


ClickSoftware now has a cost-effective and reliable cloud DR solution with CloudEndure seamlessly managing hundreds of the company’s servers in several data centers. ClickSoftware can assure customers that their critical workforce management and service optimization data is in safe hands and won’t be lost during a disaster. The ops team no longer worries about losing up to a day’s worth of data as they are confident that CloudEndure will be able to replicate data up to the last second. “One of the things I love about CloudEndure is that it replicates not only the machines and data, but the entire application stack,” Korach added.

The annual DR drill is no longer a source of concern. Thanks to CloudEndure, ClickSoftware conducts the drill with a few clicks of a button on an easy-to-use interface. The ops team no longer has to pull out large log files and copy details of the smallest of data transactions.


Now that CloudEndure has updated ClickSoftware’s DR, the company is connecting even more servers and machines to the solution. ClickSoftware wants all businesses to know that there is no need to accept the loss of a day’s worth of data as a normal occurrence during disasters. They recommend CloudEndure to any companies looking for a quick and reliable DR solution.

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