ATCC Migrates and Builds DR for 600K Biological Products, 8TB of Data and 41 Servers in 24 Hours

  • Disaster Recovery
  • Migration


ATCC provides biological specimens and resources for research and laboratory use. The organization was hosting its servers in a datacenter for several years when it was notified that the datacenter would be shutting down within 3 months. ATCC opened up the migration project for a bidding process, which Reliam won. As a managed service provider, Reliam manages its customers in its own datacenters as well as on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and 3rd party datacenters. Reliam evaluated several options and opted for CloudEndure as their tool of choice for Migration and Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service.


ATCC is the premier global biological materials resource and standards organization, maintaining the world’s largest and most diverse collection of human, animal, and plant cell lines, as well as molecular genomic tools, micro-organisms, and biological products manufactured under ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accreditations.

The Challenge

ATCC was faced with a hard deadline of 2.5 months to finish the migration process. At the due date, their hosting provider’s datacenters would power down. Time was therefore of the essence. Since ATCC receives a significant percent of its orders from its e-commerce website, which sells millions of biological specimens, its site is constantly being updated and cannot afford to have any downtime. More than 30 production servers with 8 terabytes of data had to be migrated as well as 10 additional servers hosting their QA and CRM environments. Furthermore, ATCC had a Disaster Recovery process in its old datacenter and a Disaster Recovery environment had to be built in AWS as part of the migration project. It was clear to Reliam and ATCC that the traditional way of migrating would take too long and be too risky, since it consists of a weekend at ATCC’s premises to run a migration round, followed by checking that there would be no issues. In case there were issues or any changes made to the website, the process had to be repeated again during the following weekend(s) until the migration would be complete and 100% successful. Reliam was therefore looking for an alternative way to migrate.

The Solution

After testing various 3rd party tools, Mike Boudreau of Reliam, the lead consultant and project manager, decided to use CloudEndure, as not only was it the fastest tool to migrate with, it has done so without loss of any data or downtime. The migration project started with ATCC’s QA environment. After ATCC saw how well CloudEndure performed in that environment, especially its ability to migrate without any downtime, they were fully on board for the whole process. CloudEndure migrated the 30 servers of the production environment. Once that was completed successfully, Reliam used CloudEndure to build ATCC’s new Disaster Recovery environment within the same day.


After successful migration of the QA environment, ATCC was all in favor of using CloudEndure for the migration and disaster recovery project since it provides the only solution that could replicate the entire application stack, including AWS components, and create subnets and routing rules. CloudEndure migrated the entire environment within one day. The simultaneous replication of all the servers made the migration a lot faster than the customer anticipated; the cutover process took less than 2 hours. The continuous and accurate replication of data into AWS saved Reliam considerable configuration time. Thanks to CloudEndure, there was enough time left to move all the remaining architectures over before the deadline kicked in. Overall, Reliam estimates that using CloudEndure saved tens of thousands of dollars since the end-to-end cloud migration process was done by only a couple of engineers handling a substantial number of machines. More importantly ATCC was able to continue operating its web operations with no interruptions in service.


Mike Boudreau of Reliam liked CloudEndure’s ability to eliminate downtime during migration and to shorten the overall transition time. He recommends other companies to opt for CloudEndure since it offers the complete package – the migration of the entire application stack and configurations, and subsequent capabilities for cross-regional Disaster Recovery. Keith Atkinson, Director, Web and eCommerce at ATCC stated that “I would definitely recommend CloudEndure, it provided me with the confidence to replicate our systems in real-time with no interruption in service to our customers and our internal content providers. Amazing technology solving real problems.”.

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